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Solar Panels will generate clean renewable electricity from the sun every day, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time.
Investing in the proposed Solar Panel System will dramatically lower your electric bill and help protect you against future utility rate increased by getting some or all your electricity directly from the sun, which never sends a bill!
Solar Systems have also been shown to significantly increase property value without increasing property taxes.
The proposed Solar System generates electricity without burning fuel or emitting greenhouse gas and other pollutants, so it is a valuable tool for reducing your property’s environmental impact.
By owning a Solar System, you own a big share of the electricity you consume, with the savings you make immediately starting to pay off the cost of your investment. For many homes in about 2-3 years, your power savings will have paid off the investment you spent.

No, you do not need to change energy providers. However, some providers offer better solar-feed-in-tariffs, so it is worth shopping around for the best deal.
In most instances you won’t need a permit to install a solar PV system. Some local governments may require a permit in certain circumstances, for example if you are in a heritage overlay area or your property is a listed heritage building. Generally, even if you are in a heritage area, many councils still don’t require permits if your solar SV system is not visible from the street (or a public park). Contact your local council for advice.
Additional information is available at to ensure Victorians can make informed decisions about how solar PV systems work, choosing quality systems and installers, solar hot water and more.
Voltage issues may arise in some parts of the electricity network where there are a large number of rooftop solar connections. To help manage voltage levels in the area, the local distribution network service provider may limit export from additional connections. Your local distribution network service provider should inform you if this is the case in your area. You can still apply for the rebate once your system has been installed and you provide all the required documents.
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