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About us

Into Solar is an Australian funded company, one of the BEST Solar installation company in the filed. Australia gives us the best opportunity to generate the most sustainable, clean and efficient form of power using the SUN’s energy.

Into Solar is one of the most innovative and fast-developing companies in the clean energy field. It is our mission to help you make a difference to the environment at the same time as making an investment in your future whilst not compromising your lifestyle.

Our network extends to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as surrounding regional areas. Our team of experienced solar energy experts and professional customer service staff work towards achieving excellence in the industry.

Our established operational systems and processes, professional customer services and technical expertise helps Into Solar become a market leader in the residential and commercial solar photo voltaic (PV) fields. Multi-lingual services facilitate our pre-sales consultation and after-sale support.

Call our professional consultants now for tailored solar advice
suitable to you taking into account your specific electricity needs and budget.

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Contact Us

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